Thursday, June 25, 2009

23 Weeks!! (max of 13 weeks left to go)

Hello there from inside Mommy's belly. We decided we would write Mommy's blog since she hasn't blogged for a couple of days. We keep kicking and poking her trying to get her to write, but she just lays on the couch. We know that she is working, but she could at least take a break to tell you about us!

Here is our picture from this week... well, we are in there somewhere, all crunched together! We are growing stronger by the day and we let Mommy know every time that we move! We love it when Mommy eats food and drinks water! It makes us happy and we like tumbling and swimming around, especially when she eats mexican food. We love the spicy stuff already!!

Our Daddy got an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen for Father's Day from Mommy. It was the only one that only had straight frosting on it, instead of something weird that we wouldn't have liked. Can you guess what the decoration on it is? Daddy couldn't figure it out for a while. He had to ask Mommy what it was! It's something that we won't get to have until we are 21! Hehe!!:-)

Ah.... and here is our new changing table for when we come home. Mommy has been sooooo impatient for us to get here that she has almost everything set up for us to come out and come home!

Aunt Mimi is down here this week helping Mommy and Daddy clean house and get all our clothes washed and ready for us. We sure appreciate all she is doing! We wear Mommy out too much so she can't do the house work she used to do. Thanks Mimi, we love you!!!

Mimi also brought us a big tote of clothes from our Nebelsick cousins. They turned 1 year last month and don't fit into any of their old clothes. You should see their latest 1 year pictures on their blog at They are getting HUGE compared to what they were a year ago (we hear)!!

Mommy keeps saying she can't wait to see them again. We are pretty anxious to get to meet them, and their new little sister or brother at Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Rigsby's house is sure going to be FULL with 7 of us babies in it!

Here is the picture of the crib Mommy and Daddy bought us the other day. It will be the first crib we sleep in (all together too). Grandpa Rigsby is going to be building us a big rolling drawer for under the crib so we can climb in and hide from eachother!! Mommy says its to hold blankets and clothes and other not fun stuff. Hopefully she doesn't mind if we take all that stuff out and play in it once we can! We hear that this crib will be moved into our nursery once we all grow too big to sleep in the same crib. It sure will be a crowded room with three cribs and a dresser in there.

We are enjoying life in Mommy's belly right now. We get to swim a lot and then also go to the pool with Mommy. She loves doing that. We don't get squished against eachother as much when she is in the pool!!

Daddy actually got to feel C kick at him the other day! He was pretty excited about it and tried to keep poking C to get him to kick some more. C decided he didn't want to anymore cause Daddy was being annoying. We love Daddy's voice though. He reads us Bible stories almost every night (as long as he goes to bed at the same time we--Mommy and us--do.) We don't ever really get to hear the end of the stories though cause we fall asleep before he gets done. (Or maybe he stops mid-story and is just jipping us out of the end!!)

Ok, well, we just ate lunch and are ready for a nap now. We better get our sleep so we can grow and aggravate Mommy a little more before we come into this world!! :) We can't wait to meet you all. Only 13 weeks left at the most!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My boys are doing REALLY REALLY well

So, we had a check-up today. I had to go in for a cervix check and the boys got a fluid check. Everything looks really really good. The boys are growing so much that they had interesting time telling which body part belonged to which boy. It didn't help that we had an intern doing the ultrasound, and this was her first triplet u/s. She was kind of overwhelmed with it all (she hid it well) but we didn't get any pictures. It's ok, we'll get some next time. Our next appointment is July 2!

I found out how each baby is laying and what their heart rates are. Baby A (one of the twins) is on my lower right. His legs are just above my right hip and his head is down towards my pelvis. His heartrate was 148.

Baby B (the other twin) is on my lower left. His head is down toward my pelvis (so the twins headbutt eachother a lot.). His legs are up almost at my ribs. His heartrate was 150.

Baby C is up on top of the other two. His head is on my right side near A's feet. His legs are on my left near B's legs (that's why I feel so much more kicking in that area!) His heartrate was higher than the twins at 163.

I also had a nurse check-up. My BP was 117/78 (really really really good). There was no issues with my urine. I was well hydrated today. I also only gained 2 lbs, which is what they want me to be gaining right now. They are happy I am going swimming lots and they told me that I am not on any restrictions right now (other than the 3 times a day of down time.)

I know I didn't post a belly picture yesterday (when I usually do) but I just didn't have time to take one. I'll try to get one done this weekend and post again. Hope you are having a good day. Tata for now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Snow (ok...hail) Storm!!

Once the Magic/Lakers game finished overtime tonight, I took off to bed. However, I would not quite make it. I got upstairs and saw a wonderful lightening show taking place a nice distance from our house. I haven't seen a good light show in a long time, so I thought I would lay on the guest room bed and watch the storm for a while.

Well, it moved in FAST!! James had luckily seen the radar and pulled my Expedition in to the garage and secured everything in the backyard just in time!

It started POURING!!! Soon, we couldn't even see across the street. Then, came the HAIL! I have never heard hail like that before. I couldn't even hear myself think. I quickly got away from the window and ran around the house trying to find James. He was at our front door taking video of the storm. He couldn't hear me yell at him from the top of our stairs. It was BAD!!

It finally completed "snowing" and I grabbed my camera. This is the scene immediately after the storm! (James' car was out in it, but didn't get damaged.)

Look at how much hail is piled up against the house! I would say it was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep! (And COLD!!)

This was the street! As I walked down the driveway to take the shot I put a foot on the hail in the driveway and it slipped. The hail had all melted quickly together to make a sheet of ice!

Jet LOVED the cold water though! We couldn't keep him in the house once he thought it was winter again!!

We had a river running down our street. It was quite interesting. Jet ran up and down the river trying to catch the floating ice! It was fun to watch.

My tomato plants took a bit of a beating, but the tomatos themselves look like they will be fine. The plants just lost a couple of leaves.

21 Week Belly Pic

21 weeks and 3 days along. I can't believe how fast time has gone! We are soooooo not ready for them to come in just few short weeks (hopefully its about 14 or 15 of those weeks, but only God knows!)

Today I had something pretty exciting happen! I was resting in my office chair after eating lunch and felt someone moving around and kicking or punching. So I decided to prod them along. I am pretty darn sure it was Baby C. So, I pressed on my belly. What do you know, but just a few seconds after I did that I felt a kick on the inside, AND outside! Plus, I saw the kick! Then he did it again! And Again!! I was chatting with James on MSN messenger and I was sooooo excited!!! I can't wait till James can feel them all move! It is the most wonderful feeling.

Well, that is my update for today. I hope all is going well with you. Tata for now!

4 Years, 3 Babies on the way, 2 People in Love, and 1 Happy Marriage

I want to say happy anniversary to my very wonderful and loving husband, James. He has been such a good, honest, rock for me to lean on, man even before we got married. 4 years ago today I walked down the aisle as his bride to see my future husband. We said our vows to love and cherish each other forever and have been wonderfully together ever since!

We have seen our struggles, and we have our wonderful times together. But I know that all we have been through has helped us become stronger together and made our marriage GREAT! I can only imagine what the next 4 years will hold. So much more change than we can imagine!!!!!! I know it will be hard. I know it will be fun. But I also know that we can do anything as long as we are together.

So, thank you James for the last 4 years! I am so happy to have spent them with you and I love you more today than any other day before! God has truely blessed me with you! I can't wait to see you as the wonderful father to our boys that I know you will be!

Friday, June 5, 2009

11, 12, and 8...

... ounces that is.

The twins looked really good. Their fluid levels are great and their size is right on. They are weighing 11ozs and 12ozs. The doctors still want to keep a close eye on them in case of the TTTS though, so we will be going in still every 2 weeks for fluid checks. They might have possibly changed which baby was labled A and B, because they have moved a bit. They are side by side on the lower part of my uterus. They didn't know who was who, so I am fairly glad that we haven't named them yet, cause we might have switched them. WHO KNOWS! I still want to wait to see them to give them their names!

Here are faces of the twins. Its pictures of their skulls. They didn't have good profile pictures, except B. (I don't like these pictures. I think they are creepy, but it's a picture)

Here is the profile picture of B. You can see his little hand is stuck in his mouth. He was sucking on his whole hand already! :-)

As for baby C, he is not growing as well as his brothers. He only weighs 8 ounces at this appointment. It was not very concerning to Dr. Porreco this time. He said C is only a couple of days developement behind his brothers. They will be able to tell more at the next growth check in 4 weeks! Oye, that is a long time for Mommy to wait and not worry! But I just have to wait, and trust that God is in control.

Here is a picture of baby C. You can see his skull.

Here is the proof from today that we are still having 3 boys!!!!

As for mommy, I didn't have a very good appoinment this time. My cervix is still just fine ("Great" actually, as the tech put it). My BP was kind of high at 127/92. I sat there for a few minutes, only probably about 10 more minutes and it went down to 124/88, but they want to watch that closely too.

I also had protien in my urine. Not quite to 1+ (not sure what that means) but the nurse thinks I am just really dehydrated and I need to be drinking lots more. So, I am trying to drink more. It's just kinda hard for me cause water is just not good tasting right now.

As for weight gain, I gained 6 lbs in in 2 weeks. A bit more than they are wanting, since they only want me to gain 3 more lbs by 24 weeks. I dont quite know what to do about that, cause I need to eat and I dont think I am really eating too much. But maybe I could cut out the icecream at night!! :-)

They didn't restrict any activities yet, but want me to keep going to the swimming pool. They think it's great that I am swimming now! I think it's great too, cause it feels sooooooooo good. Except when I have to get out.

That's our update. Your prayers for me and the boys are much appreciated also. I need prayers so I don't worry to much about my babies and keep a positive outlook. Thanks for reading. Hope you are all doing well! Please leave a comment so I know who read. I like knowing that!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

20 Weeks and all the happenings in the Fischer household

James and I are so excited to be 20 weeks along now! Things are starting to come together. James painted the nursery. It is a beautiful tan color that will go with anything. We set up a port-a-crib that we got from our church. It will actually go in our bedroom in case one of the boys gets fussy.

My parents also bought us a really nice crib that James couldn't wait to set up. He also moved a dresser and mirror from our guest room into the nursery. All the woods don't match, but we are working with what we've got.

We have registered for some really, really cute bumpers and blankets for the boys at Target. They are blue, brown, and a few other colors. They are soooooooo cute. One of them is even camo!! (My brother would love it!!) There are three different bumpers that all coordinate together! We will eventually have 3 full sized cribs for each of them, so we thought we would coordinate since they will be in the same room.

We also have registered at Babies-R-Us. There is lots of good stuff out there and I think we have found what we want at both those places. Then again, if you see something that we are missing let me know.

We also put a changing table in the loft. We will have one there and one on the main level in the living room. We also got these from our church! They are so nice and we will have baskets full of stuff on the shelves. In this picture, it was just junk that had to have a place.

So, James' parents came to visit over Memorial Day weekend and Larry did a bunch of work around the house for us. He istalled the fan in the nursery, put up a bunch of shelves and patched the hole I put in the garage wall. Peggy helped with dishes, cooking and laundry. We had a full closet for the first time in a long time! It was so nice to have them here. We didn't get any pictures. Oh well. Next time!

So, I suppose I should probably let you know what is going on with our boys! Well, we don't really know a lot more than our last post. I know that I can feel them kick and punch quite a bit. Not all the time though, and that bugs me. I am sure it will just be a matter of time before I am feeling it consistantly.

I am getting HUGE!!! James also commented today that my face is looking a little "puffy." I didn't realize that it was until about 7:00, so it might be just the evening time.

We have another appoinment this coming Friday, June 5. It is a growth check for all three and a fluid check for the twins. I can't wait to see them all again!

My aunt Tina came down last Saturday and flew to Washington DC on Sunday morning. She surprised her boys with the trip. It was fun to be a part of the ruse!

Anyway, we told her that we go see a doctor at Presbyterian/St.Luke's hospital. She actually gave birth there to her twins that had the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Jeromy and Jacob were born (i think) 10 years ago, although Jeromy is the surviving twin. I asked her who her doctor was, and it turns out that her doctor(s) are the same as the doctors we have. I have heard nothing but good things about these doctors not only from Tina, but from a few others that have had Dr. Porecco and the others. That makes me feel good.

Well, it is time for me to get some sleep. Yeah for sleep!!! I need it. I was up ever hour last night, so hopefully I sleep better tonight. Good night, ya'll!