Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Tonight we went to Christmas Eve service with Jess's parents in Gillette.

Also, to update weights from the other day's checkup (Wednesday, December 16th).

Alex: 10lbs 7ozs 22 inches
Grant: 11lbs 1oz 22 3/4 inches
Ethan: 8llbs 2ozs 20 inches

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hope you're spending the holidays with loved ones!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My BIGGEST pet peeve!! (seriously people, DONT DO THIS)

Every time I go out in public with the boys I get the question,
"So, are they natural?" or "Did you have help?" (getting pregnant), or some other various degrees of people prying into my bedroom trying to find out if I am like the OCTO-MOM.

Seriously, if you see someone with multiples, just assume they are natural. If the person wants you to know that they used fertility treatments, they will let you know. You DO NOT have to ask.

So, lately, my response to those questions have been "yes, they are natural." All babies are NATURAL!! That is all I have to say. Yes, I may have had to have a bit of help, but who cares. We have three blessings from God. Who cares if we had help or not!??!


Btw, I want this shirt ( Go take a look at it, and read the back of it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Past Couple of weeks in pictures

There really has not been much going on here since Thanksgiving. No one has really done anything spectacular. Ethan is still on his O2 and probably will be until the beginning of the year. Oh well. It is better for him to be on it, then to need it and us not have it.

So, here are some pictures from Thanksgiving and on to this week.
Aunt Donna and her great-nephews!

Grandma Peggy and Ethan

Jet is starting to be a bit more protective of the boys. He likes to cuddle with them (as much as we would let him.)

Alex and Grant were watching the bubbles on the bouncy seat. They are very entertaining... for about 5 minutes.


Ethan, Grant, and Alex were chilling on mommy and daddy's bed, watching the ceiling fan. This gave mommy some time to get ready for the day. Yeah for actually being able to brush my teeth before 1:00 pm!

James was cuddling with all the boys on our bed. Note the dog is also cuddling with them too. We had all 5 of us, plus the dog, on the bed one day. It was fun.

Grant was cuddling with my big bear, Big Jim. It is a good place to prop the boys up when I need a free hand for a quick moment! They like to look at him.

We got these cute little sleepers from Aunt Heidi, Aunt Cat, Uncle Jon, Uncle Wayne, Cousins Jackson and Caroline. Aren't we adorable???

Mommy and Daddy had to join in on the fun too, except the boys didn't think it was fun anymore!

And, today was a special day for the boys. They turned 4 months old today!! Can you believe they are that old now? I can't. They are only supposed to be almost 2 months old. But, they are getting there. Here is their pictures with their teddy bear. They have grown!! For comparison pictures click here.