Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Updated weights

So, Ethan had a follow up appointment with a doctor about the procedure he had last Monday. Everything looked fine. So, we are no longer having to see that doctor!! (I just am glad we dont have to go back to the hospital if we don't have to. I like the doc, but don't like the stigma....)

Anyway, they weighed Ethan, with just a diaper on, and he weighs 13lbs 12oz. He is still such a peanut!! He has only gained 2 ozs since his procedure last Monday, but some of that could be attributed to him not feeling well for a couple of days afterword.

I then took my liberty to weigh Grant and Alex, since they were there with me and I was curious. But they were weighed with their clothes on, so subtract some on their weights. Grant weighed 16lbs 15.5oz. Alex weighed 16lbs 11.5oz. I think Grant and Alex really do probably weigh within 1oz of eachother. Grant was wearing bib overalls and Alex was just wearing pants, so I am sure those few extra ozs of Grant's were attributed to his clothes.

Any suggestions of putting some pounds on these little boys? They are getting to be so active that I cannot feed them enough. Plus, they only eat as much as their little tummies can handle. We are feeding them a baby food "dinner" at lunch and some fruit or another veggie, plus a 2oz bottle of breastmilk. Then at supper time they get rice or oatmeal (mixed with breastmilk) and a fruit or veggie. They get 4 formula bottles a day with between 6-8ozs in them. Ethan is still getting the higher calorie formula, at 24cals per oz. I don't want them to be overweight, but it would be nice to be able to say that Ethan is at least ON the growth chart (right now he is not even close to being on it even for adjusted age).

Otherwise, the boys are all healthy, happy, very vocal little humans!! They love their toys, but are a lot like their mama. They like to get out and GO!! It looks like we will have a very full, fun summer of getting out and going places.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Alex can roll over!!

My babies!! The other day James and I loaded up the boys and took them to the Denver Auto Show. One of our friends gave us tickets, since she was working the show. During it, we had to find some place to feed the boys and let them stretch out a bit. So we created this little refuge!! Grant watching an Einstein video. Alex watching the video. Ethan watching the video on mommy's lap. Ethan was "tackled" by Jet. Ethan didn't mind. Jet just wanted to give some love to his baby!! Here is Jet with one of his other babies. Grant loves to look at Jet and would follow him around the room if he could!!!

My squirmy worms!!! Remember when they would mostly just lay there and look around??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Video of the boys playing yesterday

Alex was giggling so much at Grant that I had to pull out the video. Ethan was calling for his "dada". Watch...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter and weekly update

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We had an ok Easter. We gave the boys their Easter baskets in the morning before we went to church. They got a stuffed animal, some stacking cups, a pinwheel and a book. They are thoroughly entertained by the pinwheels. It is fun.

Well, not two seconds after I snapped this picture of Alex with his basket, I took the basket away and he threw up all over himself. I should have taken that as an omen not to go to church. But, alas, I trudged on, and we got ourselves to church. But as you can tell in the next picture, we had a little one that was not feeling well. The other two were on their way to not feeling good either.

Note Grant's extremely rosey cheeks. He didn't stay in the nursery at church because he was just NOT feeling well.

Well, it turns out that the boys all have a pretty good case of the croup! I took Alex in to the urgent care the other night because he was laboring to breath. He was put on some oxygen and watched for a while. They sent us home with some instructions on how to keep the coughing down and to watch out for dehydration. So far they are doing ok by not getting dehydrated, but that is about it. Here is a quick video I took of Alex at urgent care and sent to James. He was not a happy little boy most of that night.

On other, better news, Ethan has been developing into quite the little talker lately. As if we didn't know this was going to happen, since he hasn't really quit talking since we brought him home from the hospital. But now he is imitating. Watch this video. I was changing his diaper and we were watching some animal show. I roared at him, and he roared back. I had to get the camera, but had to be sly about shooting the video, since he usually stops what he is doing if the camera is out. Watch all the way to the end. He loves kissing noises, and he started imitating that too!

Best of all, the boys have all started saying "dada!" But, Alex and Grant only do it every once in a while, so it is hard to catch on video. Ethan, however, is saying it lots, BUT, it is only when his "dada" is around, so I think he knows what it means!! Here is a short snippet. (Note the coughing in the background. That is what we are dealing with right now!)

Well, I suppose I will go now. I HAVE to get some sleep before the boys wake up. I am exhausted and none of them have been sleeping through the night due to the coughing. I know it will get better, but I don't like them being sick AT ALL!! The days just drag and I am tired of grumpy, fussy, spitty babies. But then again, I wouldn't trade them for the world! Love to you all.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, but no pictures this time....

Happy Easter everyone!!! We are still alive, but just extremely busy. I am on my own with the boys officially now, so I am quite busy. Today, even though James was home, we had 2 sick little boys (Alex and Grant with fevers) that wanted nothing but to be cuddled, so we were juggling babies all day. We are exhausted, but we made it to church and home. We did get some pictures today and I have a few pictures and videos from the past week that will have to be uploaded eventually. I am not sure when that will be since I have a bunch to do, but I will work on it.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Check back in a couple of days and I should have the next post up.