Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some January videos and pictures

This is the first time one of the boys has sat in their chairs we bought at a garage sale in Lisbon in June! Alex climbed up there all by himself and sat there and played. It was so cute.

I gave the boys a snack of our left over corn from dinner one night. Alex and Grant did really well eating it out of the bowl. They were watching a video at the same time so it was a bit distracting.

Ethan wanted nothing to do with the corn. But he is one that has never really liked to snack, unless he knows what it is (like Cheerios) and knows what it tastes like.

Here is a video of them eating. I was talking mostly to the dog trying to keep him from eating out of the bowl too!

So instead of climbing on the couch lately (which has gotten old to the boys) they like to climb on our rocking chair/recliner. So, who is to prevent them? NOT ME! I can't take anymore screaming. So, I set up a little couch cushion to catch them, and let them have at it!

On January 8 my parents came down to visit us, since we didn't get to go home to see them over New Years. They brought us a whole nother Christmas! It was great!! The boys got to open some new cool toys. Plus mommy and daddy got some stuff too!

Alex was relaxing with Grandma after the presents were opened.

The favorite thing that the boys got (well, my favorite thing) is a book called Guess How Much I Love You. It is a recordable book (that Hallmark sells) and MY Grandpa (Grandpa Dickey) recorded the book for the boys. I opened the book the first time and it silenced the boys. They usually only get that quiet when a baby Einstein DVD is on. It was amazing. We "read" that book a lot now.

I had about 10 minutes to figure out something for dinner the other night. So I looked to see what I could find that we had. I looked in the freezer and found a whole meal! Pork chops, veggies, and rolls! I thawed the pork chops in the microwave, then cooked them in the skillet with a tiny bit of olive oil. I then used the left over oil to saute (stirfry) the veggies. All of it had a cajun seasoning on it. Then I popped the rolls in the microwave to heat them, and this is what I ended up with. Isn't it pretty??? And it tasted SO good.(It only took me 10 minutes... seriously!!)

So bath time in our house is quite the ordeal. If the boys hear the bathtub running, they will come running (crawling as fast as possible) into the bathroom to get it. They LOVE their baths. I on the other hand would prefer to just hose them down. But I am also the one getting soaked from all the splashing.

Here is Alex


The boys. Notice the surface of the water. It really never stops moving!!

Now, for those of you that almost had a heart attack when we got the boys' hair cut, fret not! They will grow their hair back. And Grant has proven that no matter what, he is going to have the curliest hair on the block!!!

What a ham, huh?

James' cousins came to visit us this past weekend. They took a lot of pictures (I am going to have to get from them) but I lacked in that department. The only picture I got was of Susan with the boys at Borders bookstore on Monday. We went out to the mall and walked around. She got to experience pushing the triplet stroller around!! She also got the boys snowsuits so we will be able to go and play in the snow!! (THANK YOU SUE!!! I can't wait to use them)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On a laughter note...

No, I didn't say that wrong. You will be laughing by the end of these videos! I can almost guarantee it!

As soon as I hope...

that Ethan may be making good progress on the weight gain, he gets sick and probably loses what he gained since the last time being sick.

He is sick, AGAIN. 3rd time in as many months. Poor kiddo doesn't get a break. Right now he is as sick as I have ever seen him. Violent vomiting of everything that goes into his mouth. Sometimes he keeps a bit of it down, but inevitably it comes back up.

He isn't even playing like he normally would. He is just laying in my lap, on my chest, in the recliner, or in the swing (which I had to get back out after putting away so I could actually tend to A & G without having to hold E.)

Your thoughts and prayers for my littlest guy are much appreciated. I hope he gets better within the next 12 hours or we may be making a trip to urgent care. :(

Here's a video of what he was doing last night while I was holding him. I sometimes do this when I feel as bad as he does!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun times on New Years Eve!!

See, I do dress my kids every once in a while!! :) (James wanted me to put that on here cause we have quite a few pictures of the boys in just their diapers!)

We are playing peek-a-boo!!

Look, Ethan can walk, just with a toy!! He is getting there. He needs to learn how to turn his feet in the correct way and bend his knees when he walks.

Grant was playing in the curtain! He was having so much fun. Ethan played some too.