Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grant "crawling"

Last Friday Grant would not sleep during his naptime. He just wanted to cry. So I figured if he wanted to cry, why not get some tummy time in, since all he does during it is cry. So, we laid him in the middle of the living room. 10 minutes later he was almost in the kitchen. Here is video of him "crawling." (We now have a semi-mobile little boy!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5month pictures (a couple of days late)

Guess who is 5 months old?? (Actually 5 months and week, but I'm a little busy so I didn't get this posted on the 12th.)

Can you guess which boy is which?? We made it tricky cause Ethan doesn't have his O's on because he was being tested that night and they all had just had baths.

I'm sure you can figure it out! First one is..... Second one is...... Third one is........... Well, you'll have to watch this video first before I tell you!

James and I wanted to eat dinner in peace, without babies crying, so we popped in a Baby Einstein video, not knowing exactly what the boys would do. This is what happened...

Ahhh... it was glorious silence for almost an hour! (we had 2 videos to watch)

Well, the boys are still getting over their colds. It is making them slightly fussy still. Grant was running a fever last Saturday, so we took him to the pedi. They couldn't find anything wrong, and they think the fever was probably from teething. We don't see any teeth, but they might be starting. Who knows. Let's just say that I am not looking forward to that stage at all.

We also took the boys out to their first "sit down" dinner (not a fast food restaurant) on Thursday of last week with Great-Aunt Mimi. Wow, what a production. I think every waiter/waitress came over to the table to gawk! At first most thought they were just twins cause Alex was in his carseat sleeping, but we soon had them all out feeding and people whispered to eachother! Yeah, it was fun.

Grandma Peggy and I went shopping for the boys' dedication outfits, and we found the CUTEST outfits at Sears! They will be wearing a pastel green dress shirt, black pants, a tie, and a black pinstriped vest on top! Oh they look SOOOOOOOO adorable in them. I have to tack up the pants, and taylor the vests for them, but they will look so good when Sunday rolls around.

We will have A LOT of family at their dedication. I am so excited. The boys will know that they are raised in a loving home that loves and worships the ONE TRUE GOD, and that his Son, Jesus, came to earth to save us all from our sins.

Ok, well, I'll tell you who is who now. 1st is Grant, then Ethan, then Alex. Aren't Ethan and Alex starting to look so much alike? I can easily tell them apart, but I can also see how if you don't know them as well as I do, you can get confused.(Especially when Ethan is without his o's.)

Well, I best get some sleep now. I have to clean house tomorrow before guests arrive! Goodnight to you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boy's Dedication will be Webcasted

For those of you that will not be able to be in Denver to attend the boys' dedication and want to see it, our church webcasts their services. You will be able to see the service live on Sunday morning (the 24th is the dedication date) at 11:00 MST. The website for the webcast is http://www.netcastvideo.com/cbcden_archive.htm.

If you are watching live you will have to click on the link "Click for LIVE webcast". It is on the left side of the screen.

If you are not able to watch live, you will be able to watch the service later on Sunday once it is posted on the webpage. It is usually available by 6pm MST.

Quick and complete failure

Ethan failed his oxygen test last night. He started out doing really well. His o2 saturation (sats) were in the 90s where they are supposed to be. He then fell asleep. His sats dropped into the low 80s high 70s.

We called our pedi's nurse line and a nurse from Children's Hospital called us back. She told us to put him back on the o2 because those are way to low to leave him off for the night. We put him back on the o2 and just let the monitor keep running to make sure we were getting good sat readings with his o2 settings as they are.

James is going to call our pedi today and talk with her and see what she wants to do. I think right now we are attributing this failure to his cold that he has had since we got home from Christmas. He just isn't quite over it yet to be able to come off the o2.

Hopefully soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Knock on wood... (and some pictures)

Well, knock on wood, things are going fairly well so far. Last night we only had to soothe Ethan and Alex once each. Then, after going to bed at 8:00, they woke up at 3:30 to have a bottle! Grant slept through the entire thing. (He LOVES to sleep!!)

We also started them on the strict schedule and got them to take naps in their cribs today, instead of in the living room. They were great little boys for us today (after some torture with some screaming through the morning, I think they got the routine!)

So, the other day I was camera happy, so I got some shots of the boys playing and individual pictures so I can put them in frames if I want to!

The boys on their floor toy! They love this one. They also love playing on it with eachother around. They are finally starting to notice eachother, but still really don't care what the others are doing. Notice Jet being good in the background. He has become fairly protective of these boys. But he also knows when he hears a specific sound come out of the boys, to come running, cause there is probably "food" on the floor. (We try to not let him get to the spitups, but sometimes we can't control it!)

Here is my cutie patootie Alex. Doesn't he just have the BEST eyes!!??!!

Ethan is a hard one to get a good picture of. His smiles are fleeting right now, and he loves to move. Most of my pictures I have of him, his mouth is wide open cause he is either screaming or talking.

If you look closely at the top of Grant's head, you will see his "CURLY MO" as we call it. He has rubbed all the other hair on his head off (mostly) and all he has is this patch of hair on the top of his head. You should see it when it gets wet or it is humid. It seriously has the tightest ringlets I have EVER seen!

Just for your info, Ethan is NOT off the O2 yet. We are actually getting him tested tomorrow night(or tonight depending on if I get this posted before midnight). Hopefully he comes off the o2, but if he doesn't that is ok too. We know he may still need it. It would just be nice to get rid of the tail!!

So, today I attempted to take care of the boys after their afternoon nap on my own till James got home. It was about 2 hours. I had to feed them all, so Ethan got his bottle and I strapped the other two into their highchairs (wonderful contraptions... see the picture below). I fed Alex and Grant rice cereal. Needless to say, when you are feeding two at a time, things can get pretty messy!!! OK, EXTREMELY messy!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eventful week... well... maybe

So, James and I started sleep training the boys tonight! Oh boy, was it rough for the first night. We have decided to put them all in their room (instead of Ethan in our room in the bassinett). We actually only had to soothe them each once (which for some people is awesome) but we had about 30-45 minutes of non-stop screaming before we put them down. They were extremely unhappy tonight for no reason. Hopefully that goes away soon.

We are going to try and soothe both Alex and Grant if they wake in the middle of the night. Ethan is still a bit too "young" (adjusted wise) to be able to not feed him if he wakes up. So, we'll see how this goes.

We WILL make it through.

We have also decided that they are not getting enough structure, so I have created a schedule for when each boy eats, sleeps, and plays. If they are not eating or sleeping, they are on the floor playing on their tummy or under a floor toy, or they are in some interactive toy playing and LEARNING. Our boys are behind developementally, so we need to get to working on their skills. It will be hard, but we can do it.

This whole thing is going to be hard, but like my sister said when I told her I was having triplets - "It will be the HARDEST thing you have EVER done!" I will never DOUBT her again!! This truely is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I know it will get harder and easier all at the same time! So is life!

Let me know of any suggestions you have for ideas to get them to sleep better at night. (Btw, Grant is sleeping through the night, but Alex is waking up, and so is Ethan.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Dedication on Jan 24

Just thought I would let you all know that the boys are being dedicated at our church on Jan. 24th. We sure would love to see you there.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas update with some pictures

I know it's been a while since I updated, but as you can probably understand, it's busy around here. We got home from our trip to Gillette on the 2nd and have been running non-stop since.

The boys are trying to adjust to being back home and it being extremely quiet. We have to have the tv on and the radio on almost constantly for them to be calm, which isn't calming for us.

They are also not feeling well. We have three very stuffy boys that are coughing and trying to breath normally. James and I both have mild cases of the stuffiness. Hopefully this goes away quickly. Prayers that the boys get healthy fast please.

Well, I will post a couple of pictures from when we were in Gillette now. We had a great time with family. We can't wait to go back up there.

We had them in matching outfits for our Christmas. It was fun. Can you name them left to right?




My cutie pies!!

Here was the Christmas tree. It was packed full of presents for the Fischer boys, the Nebelsick triplets and their new addition Lucas. Of course there was also stuff for the parents and grandparents and Uncle Doug and his fiancee Kara!! Welcome to the family Kara. Thanks for helping with the boys while we were there.

Here were all the stocking for all 15 people that were going to be at Christmas. Santa was very nice to the boys. He brought them rattles which they enjoy looking at. He got mommy some fun hair things and a Starbucks giftcard. He brought Daddy the Transformers 2 DVD. James can't wait to find some time to watch that!

One evening I had some friends come help me take care of boys while everyone else was gone. Beth Faubion and Kathy "Grandma Kathy" Holland came to visit. They are very dear friends of the family. Beth is like a sister to me. We grew up together. It was fun to see them. "Grandma Kathy" got to hold all three of the boys at the same time. It was fun. The boys really didn't mind either.

We went to church on Sunday after Christmas and Uncle Doug took care of talkative Ethan during the service. Uncle Doug is REALLY good with the boys. They love him!!

After church on Sunday morning we came home and I had to unload the boys from their carseats without anyone around. So, I put them all sitting up in their boppies on the couch. It kept them calm and quiet while I was moving around getting the others out of the carseat.

Ethan also had fun with Great-Uncle Richard (more like a regular uncle cause he is only 10 years older than mommy). They played a lot together and Richard sat Ethan in the Tonka truck cause I wanted to get a picture! He still fits really well into it.

Thank you to everyone that gave the boys a Christmas gift. We appreciate them all. They got lots of clothes and toys. It was a great first Christmas. It was even a white Christmas. Well, I'll do more of an update later. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and your year is starting out wonderful.

Welcome to 2010!!