Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick little weekly update

Used our last size 2 diaper last night on Ethan. Now on to 2-3s for all three boys.

All the boys held their own bottle this morning. That was REALLY nice!!!

They are all saying "da-da" "ba-ba" and Ethan just started saying "ma-ma" last night.

Now they are all sitting up in their boppies looking out the patio door!!

What week of good milestones!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) to my sister's triplets David, Aria, and Levi who turned 2!! Wish I could be at their birthday party, but it just won't work this time.

pictures of the boys to come later.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is the craziest thing someone has ever said to you about your multiples and how did you respond?

James and I don't shy away from taking the boys out in public. It is quite fun to hear the comments we get. Here are a few of them and my/our responses.

"You have your hands full!"
- my responses very from "Yep" to "Only when I am holding all three at the same time!"

"Triplets!!" or "Are they triplets?"
- I know I was a curious onlooker for a better part of my life, but still... It is just how it is. They are not a circus act. I just smile and nod, and usually keep on walking.

"Do triplets run in your family?"
- I have now started saying that my sister has triplets too, so yes. It causes me to have to answer the next question then too...

"Family gatherings must be fun..." (as in "I wouldn't want to attempt that!!")
- I tell them that it is quite fun and that you should have seen Christmas. It was organized chaos!

"Instant family. You are done now?"
- Um, well, maybe not. "We haven't decided." (that's when I get the look of absolute insanity) But what makes you think that 3 is enough for me and my family. Granted, James only wanted 2, but I am not saying we are completely done until I am no longer completely stressed with 3 infants underfoot!

Then there are the picture happy people. Some people ask "Can I take a picture?", but some just take out their camera and point. At which point we say "no pictures!!" They are not a circus act!!

James' biggest peeve is when people notice the boys and will start talking ABOUT them to someone else, asking them questions, instead of just asking us the questions. I guess it is people just being polite, instead of nosey. But seriously, if you are going to talk ABOUT us, wait till you are out of earshot!

I get this one lots!! "How are you feeling?" - Well, I am a multitude of things... tired, exhausted, achy, stinky, unkempt, frazzled, sick of spit, sick of crying, sick and tired of being sick and tired, tired of pretending not to be tired... um... tired... "Oh, I'm doing FINE!"

OOOOOO... the last thing that drives me bonkers is the questions and comments about Nadya Suleman (the Octomom).
"Have you heard about the Octomom?" - um... hasn't everyone.
"At least you didn't have 8!" - nope, just 3!
"You don't have 11 more at home do you?" - um... do I look old enough to have 14 kids? Wait! Don't answer that!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pictures and videos of the week!!

Grant Ethan Alex We babysat our friends 5 month old son on Wednesday night. It was four to two, but we managed well. The boys liked having another face to look at too. Alex and Grant have started to sit up really well. Alex is basicly sitting up all the time. Here are a few pictures of them all sitting up. Ethan was assisted by me. Tonight was bath night. The tub is still too big, so we use the sink. Here is Grant and Alex in their bath. I got this morning off while the boys took their morning nap. So, I went browsing garage sales. I found this rocking elephant for $7. The boys seem to love it. I also bought a few other toys, but didn't spend more than $9!!!! I was excited. Here is Alex with the elephant. Here is Ethan with the elephant. Here is Grant with the elephant. He just wanted to sleep and suck on his thumb. Here are a few different videos.

Grant riding the elephant.

Alex has this new thing when he wants something and isn't getting it fast enough. It's hard to explain, so you have to see it.

Here are the boys playing.

Here is Ethan enjoying his bath.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9 Months

9 months (and 6 days) ago my precious little miracles came into this world at 10:39, 10:39, and 10:40. As of their 9 month check up yesterday their weights and lengths are:

Alex - 17lbs 9ozs, 27.25 inches
Grant - 17lbs 12ozs , 27.5 inches
Ethan - 14lbs 8ozs, 25.5 inches
They are growing well. Alex and Grant are on the growth chart for their actual age weight wise!! Ethan is still not even close. However, they are all on it for their head size. We have big headed kiddos. Grant's head is in the 50th percentile, Alex's is in the 60th, and Ethan's in the 40th. This is all for ACTUAL age too!

Our pedi wants us to start working on finger foods, sippy cups, and everything that goes along with that. So, I have tried putting some of their purees on their trays to see if they will put their hands in it, and then in their mouths. So far, no luck with that coordination.

Plus, I have tried the Gerber yogurt melts with them. They can't handle the texture. They are all very sensitive to textures, so we'll have to work hard on that. I just don't know what to do.

Alex will "splash" around in his food, but doesn't get that he needs to put those fingers up to his mouth.

Ethan likes to paint! Still no fingers to the mouth though. He likes to put them in his hair though!

Then we have our thumb sucker. You would think it would be fairly easy for him to get this concept. However, Grant does NOT like to have his hands dirty...

So here are some random pictures and videos.

It was a nice evening outside, so before James got home from work, the boys and I hung out on the deck.

Grandma Rigsby came to visit/help take care of the boys while I went to Missouri for my friend Amy's wedding. When I got back, Grandma taught Grant how to purse his lips like a fish!! It is cute.

On another note... I have an announcement to make!! The boys are 9 months old now, and 9 months from now...
















The boys will be 18 months old! That's all!! Elizabeth got pregnant again when her triplets were 9 months, so I just had to joke!! :) (I hope I didn't give anyone a heart attack!!)

So, update on the mouse. We haven't officially caught it yet, but it is trapped inside our laundry closet right now. We just have to figure out how to catch it once we open it up!

Here are a few pictures from Amy's wedding weekend. She married John. He has a 2.5 yr old son we'll call B. I didn't get any pictures of the actual wedding, but I will get some from one of the other people that were there eventually. I'll post those when I get them, but here are the few I have.

Here is Krissy, Amy and I right before the rehearsal. We all went to highschool together.

Here are the bridesmaids and honorary bridesmaids. All of us, except one and the flowergirl, were from Colorado or Wyoming.
Here is the happy couple, Amy and John!!!! CONGRATS you two!!!
Here is the little family!!! B is so precious and he danced the night away with his dad and Amy.

Here are the centerpeices that John created. They are beautiful. The rose is sunk down into the rocks with a wieght and the candle is just floating above it all.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Darn Mouse!!! YUCK!!!

We have a problem. A mouse problem. Not a MICE problem, but A single MOUSE problem. This mouse has successfully avoided 12... count em'... 12 mouse traps since Thursday night last week.

So the episode of our comedy of life went like this tonight. We got the boys down to bed, after much fuss from Ethan. For some reason he did not want to sleep tonight. James and I ate dinner. Then sat to watch our recorded episode of Chuck.

Chuck finished and we started watching the news. About that time we hear a noise coming from Jet's dog food dish. James gets up and grabs the nearest thing to catch the mouse with... the small trash can by the changing table. As soon as he gets up though, we hear a splash (into Jet's water dish) and then James sees the mouse run into the laundry closet.

We try to come up with some ideas of how to catch the mouse, so we put down a couple of strips of duct tape on the floor (to stop the mouse, or at least slow it down.) YEAH.... that doesn't work!!

James pounds on the dryer and the mouse moves to under the washer. I grab the mop AND the broom as James is moving the washer to get the mouse. It comes running out at him and he jumps and falls over as he is trying to get the trash can (he should have had in his hand but didn't).

Meanwhile I am trying to find where the mouse is, as it comes running toward Jet and I. Jet, meanwhile is staring at James wondering what all the commotion is about and why James is on the floor. As that happens, the mouse runs directly under the dog and beside the dishwasher, where we can't get it!! I swear it did the whole cartoon slide thing when it was trying to get to the hole. I could even hear the screeching of the claws (not really but in my imagination...) as it tried to turn the corner into the hole!!

I know that if it was not for the fact that I HATE mice in my house, I would have been dying laughing watching that scene unfold!!! Lets just say, we now have that hole blocked with 4 traps and that is the ONLY way out from behind the dishwasher. Therefor, if the mouse avoids those traps, we will name him Houdini and call the exterminator!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

James let me sleep in today. It was so nice. We then took the boys and Jet to the park and the mall since it was so nice outside. I even got a sunburn, a really nice one!

Here are some pictures of our outing.

Here was our site at the park. We put the boys in their stroller seats as highchairs while they ate their lunch. It was fun.

We then put the boys down on blankets and let them stretch.

Grant did this to himself. He seemed to like it. He wasn't sleeping, just chillin'.

We then trucked down to the mall. We took the stroller off the back rack of the truck and put the blankets down and used the rack as a changing table. It was a great idea!!

Here is Alex and Grant being big boys and sitting up in the stroller. They love riding like this.

It was a good day.

One other good thing. Alex is getting his first tooth!! It should be popping through any day now. He really hasn't been too fussy, and we haven't had to give him tylenol a lot. So far so good on the teething thing! :) I hope the rest of them go this way. We'll see. I'll post a picture of it when it comes through.

Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Failed... Again...

We want so much for Ethan to be off his oxygen full time. But as of this last test, which we did last week, he still has to be on it while he is sleeping. I am so disapointed. It is so nice for him to be off it while he is awake. But he still has to have it while sleeping, so that means when we go anywhere, we still have to take it along with us.

The tank is just about like another child to have to tote along. It is quite heavy, and you have to make sure you have everything that goes along with it when you go anywhere.

I think we need to "name" the tank. So, here is my poll for the day. Give me some names for the O2 tank in the comments. James and I will choose a few that we like, then we will do a poll with the 3 names we like the best for you to choose what name we give the TANK!! :) Just something fun to do. Any name, girl or boy, will do. (Might be nice to have a girl around the house though... :-D )

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boys Laughing at Jet

I got out the lazer light for Jet to play with today and the boys, especially Grant, loved watching him chase it. Listen for the boys laughing. Grant is the furthest away from the camera so he is harder to hear, but he has the best laugh!! You may want to make sure you have a kleenex next to you cause you will be laughing so hard you will have tears!! :)