Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing Else to Do...

Ok, so I am working, sorta, but I am on a break right now, so I thought I would fill out this survey that Kristen had on her blog. It's fun.

**8 years ago**
1) How old were you? 17
2) Where did you go to school? Campbell County High School
3) Where did you work? Depending on the date, I may not have had a job, or I was working for my Mom's office in the Summer, or I may have just started working at the Rec Center.
4) Where did you live? Gillette
5) Where did you hang out?my house, Jami's house, Kristen's house, or Amy's house. Or school.
6) Did you wear contacts?yes
7) Who was your best friend?Jami and Kristen and Amy
8) How many tattoos did you have?0
9) How many piercings did you have? 2 (one in each ear)
10) Did you drive a car? it was either the 66 Mustang or the 92 Accord... not sure when I got the Accord
11) Had you been to a real party?yes, and I got in big trouble for it...
12) Had you had your heart broken? i think I thought I had, but now I realize that I hadn't
13) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorce? Single, off and on, I dated lots in highschool
14) Any Kids?no, only 17

****3 years ago...****
1) How old were you?22
2) Where did you go to school? University of Sioux Falls
3) Where did you work? I worked at Jacob's Ranch Coal Mine for the summers driving coal trucks
4) Where did you live? Sioux Falls in an apartment, Gillette with my parents, the in Fargo with James
5) Where did you hang out? the apartment in Sioux Falls, in Fargo with James, um.... I don't really remember
6) Did you wear glasses? only after I took out my contacts
7) Who was your best friend? James, Jami, Kristen, Amy
8) How many tattoos did you have?0
9) How many piercings did you have?2 (1 in each ear)
10) What car did you drive? Ford Taurus
11) Had your heart broken? nope
12) were you single/taken/married/ divorced? taken and engaged, then Married in June!! :)
13) Any Kids? I had just gotten married, so no...

1)how old are you?25
2) Where do you work? American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains in Centennial, CO
3) Where do you live? Denver
4) Do you wear glasses? at night after I take out my contacts
5) Do you talk to your old friends? Jami, Kristen, Amy, and a few others on facebook
6) How many piercings do you have? none, my ears turned alergic to earrings, so I wear clipons now... Laugh all you want, I have found some really cute earrings you wouldn't even know were clipons
7) How many tattoos? 0
8) What kind of car do you have?2003 Ford Expedition and a new dark red 150cc Moped!! :)
9) Has your heart been broken? no
10) Have you been to real party? sure, lots, but I don't do drink till you pass out parties, I do the parties that we actually have fun and talk and have a few drinks and dinner and movies... and.. and.. :)
11) Are you Single/Taken/ Divorced/Married? Married to the love of my life
12) Any Children? not yet, but workin on it! :)
13) Are you happy with how your life has turned out?God has blessed my life in so many ways, I have a husband, a house, a dog, and a white (not picket, but close) fence.... all i need is the 2.5 kids and i will be set for life!! :) i am happy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

More baby pictures!!! (but not when I was there... sad)

More pictures taken of the kids this past weekend when Grandma Rigsby and Uncle Doug visited.

Uncle Doug with Aria...
Uncle Doug with David...
Uncle Doug with one of the boys... Douglas or Elizabeth help me with this one...
Uncle Doug with Levi...
Daddy Dan making faces at David.
David looks so comfortable.
Levi looks pretty comfortable too...
The happy proud parents!
Uncle Doug trying to the get the burps out... it's hard Doug huh?
Aria is just as relaxed looking as can be.
Eye, Eye, Cap-ee-tan!!!
Friend Kara has the touch to make them sleep!!
Do you think they may be a little tired??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Should I Live

I took this from my friend Kristen's Blog--a fun little quiz.

Top 24 recommendations:
Cincinnati, Ohio
St. Louis, Missouri
Bloomington, Indiana
Denver, Colorado (where I am now!!!)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Springfield, missourie
Knoxville, Tennessee
St. George, Utah
Norfolk, Virginia
Cleveland, Ohio
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota
Provo-Orem, Utah
Billings, Montana
Overland Park, Kansas
Nashville, Tennessee
Loveland, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Topeka, Kansas
Columbus, Ohio
Ogden, Utah
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Salt Lake City, Utah
Charlotte, North Carolina

See what places recommends for you!

More about the babies...

Here are some more pictures of my time with the Nebelsick triplets. Another video is at the end too.

Here is Levi (left) and David (right) all swaddled up and looking at eachother!
Here is Aria on the Boppy. She likes this spot.
Feeding time for David. He is a hard one to burp, but on my last day there I figured out that you have to rub his back, not pat, to get him to burp. Wish I would have known that earlier!!
Here is Levi asleep in the crib.
Grandpa Rigsby was trying to calm Levi while his bottle was warming. David slept through the whole thing. They don't hear eachother scream much.
Grandma Rigsby and Mommy were sleeping and Grandpa Rigsby was outside (until he took this picture) so I had all three on my own! It was fun. Aria was there on the boppy in front of me and Levi was asleep in the crib (mercifully)!
Here is the proud Daddy holding David and Aria. They all were looking at me!
I also like this picture of Mommy and Levi. They all were so relaxed, but it was 11:00 at night! Tummy time!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More baby pictures...

We had a lot of fun today. I am tired though. Here are a couple of pictures and some videos. Elizabeth can't post videos to her blog yet, so these are the only ones so far. The babies need what they call "tummy time" so they can build up muscles. Here is a video of David's tummy time. They all three were laid down for tummy time, but Levi fell asleep and Aria was being held by Grandma. Check it out.

Then here are a couple of pictures of their tummy time.

Levi did not want to be on his back....Tummy time for all and Mommy!

Aria Playtime...

This is a cut version of a 5 minute video I took today. She had some playtime, and how it ends is kinda funny. My mom had just told Elizabeth about what Aria does, so that made it funny.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Triplets with Aunt Jess

Here is a picture of me and all three! This was fun. Left to right; David, Aria, Levi.

Here are all three in their crib.

They boys were laying on the floor playing with each other. They spent a good amount of time there today. They were pretty content.