Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trip to ND and SD - part 1

James, the boys, and I left Denver on Tuesday night. We stopped in Wyoming for the night at my parent's house. We left Wyoming mid day Wednesday thinking that we could make it to Lisbon.

We had to stop in Bismark on the way. James and I just could not make the drive. We were exhausted. So, at 1:00 am we stopped at a hotel, paid only $45 for a room and unloaded the boys. I pulled the sheets and comforter off the second bed surrounded the boys with pillows and put them to sleep on the floor. They slept really well. Here we are playing after they woke up. We got to Lisbon on Thursday and James' parents were so excited to see the boys. We invaded their house fairly quickly!!! Grandma and I went shopping and got the boys a little pool. Here they are swimming. boys swimming

So, if you follow us on facebook, you know that our big Peg Perego triplet stroller broke. We didn't get the replacement in time to bring it with us, so we bought 3 $15 umbrella strollers and some connectors. It works really well, but we can't fit through doors. It works well to take the boys on walks though. We have done that a bunch since we got here. Just after eating dinner the boys got to sit and play at the counter. They had fun talking and playing with their rattles. boys playing after eating




James working on accounting stuff... he loves doing stuff like that. You know he is in the right profession when he will work like this when he doesn't really have to.
Boys, James, Grandma, and Bob Grant Ethan Alex

Monday, June 21, 2010

Much needed update with pictures and videos

June 5 we made a trip up to Gillette to see my parents, sister, and her kids. (It was also to get my scooter back too.) We had a great quick trip, and it was FUN! Saturday morning we all went out to breakfast at Perkins so Great Grandpa Dickey could show off his clan to the locals, since that is his "hang-out"!!! Here is the Fischer 5 getting ready to go in to Perkins. Grandpa Rigsby was kind of camera happy. Here are most of us in the restaurant. These pictures are missing a few people that weren't there yet. Later that day, everyone was at Grandma and Grandpa Rigsby's playing and napping. Here is Ethan and Lucas. Alex and David The community that my parents live in was having their annual celebration. Lots of garage sales and cookouts were happening. The fire station even had the ladder truck. So, we took all the kids over to see it. No one went up in it, but they had fun looking at it. All 7 grandkids with Grandpa Rigsby. Left to right (kinda) - Ethan, Grandpa, Aria, Levi, Grant, Lucas, Alex, and David. James and Uncle Rob and Aunt Tina are kind of in the picture too! :) 10 months old with their teddy bears. Their weights clothed and with partially wet diapers are: Alex - 18lbs 9oz Grant - 19lbs 11oz Ethan - 15lbs 7.5oz Ethan would not sleep in his crib for nap time one day, so I took him into my room and rocked him to sleep. I didn't want to disturb him too much so I just cuddled him in our mink blanket. He loved it. Isn't he just precious here? Grant was watching tv. I found him engrossed in Sesame Street. He didn't appreciate me taking this picture either. He glared at me when after I did. Check out the curls on this guy! And if you thought Alex had nothing but straight hair, get it wet. This is what it will do with a bit of fluffing. If you click on the picture and make it bigger, you can see the boys in the reflection of the mirror! I think I like that picture the best!! :) But they are all on their bellies and all pushing up, so crawling won't be far along (once they figure to get on their knees too.) Jet trying to get Alex and Ethan to throw the ball for him. He just doesn't understand that they don't understand that concept yet!!

boys playing

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sneaky Jet

So, you must watch the video in the post below. At the start of the video watch the patio door in the background. Jet has learned to open the sliding screen. He does it twice during the video!!

Now, we just need to teach him how to close it too and we are home free!!!

Proud of my little sitters!

My cutie-pies!!

Alex, Ethan, and silly faced Grant Alex, Ethan and GrantAlex's two front teeth (on the bottom!!)K comes over with her Grandma MJ to take care of the boys while I go to work. They are such a WONDERFUL, AMAZING help!!!Grant... uh....Ethan, big boy in the bumbo...Love this picture. This is one of their favorite things to do right now. Stare out the patio door at the world...AlexAlexEthanGrantAll my boys looking out the window...Alex... master of the piano!!!Their "new" favorite toy. I bought this before they were born, and just found it in the shed this weekend. They are loving it, and it teaches some good things about music... numbers, colors, even solfege (do, re, mi, fa, etc). LOVE IT!!Ethan sucking on Grant's pinky as Grant sucks his thumb.