Thursday, April 23, 2009

14 weeks

Oye vey... my belly is growing fast, and boy, can I feel it! I found out what my limits are the other day when I tried to clean out the room that will be the nursery. I know, I know... "You shouldn't be doing that!" "You'll hurt yourself!" "You'll hurt those babies!"... etc. I got it, and I won't do it again. I am just feeling bad that James is doing so much around the house. He is truly wonderful!

I didn't realize that doing that much work would cause so much pain! Since everything on my insides is not in it's correct place, things are just not as easy anymore.

I can't even eat as much as I want to. I have to eat constantly to get everything in that I have to eat! I used to be able to easily eat 3 tacos, now it is hard to get two down. I know it's just going to get worse too!

So, random thing.... I know I am starting to show enough that people that don't even know me are starting to help me do things. Example: Last night I went to the grocery store and had a bunch of things in my basket. As I got to the checkout line I was exhausted (it was almost 9pm and I am usually in bed by 8:30). One of the employees there decided that I was too exhausted to unload my basket and helped me get the bigger things out of the basket. It was very kind of him. I didn't catch his name, but thanks to that employee of King Soopers!

Well, we had a good weekend last weekend. We went to Gillette (most likely for the last time cause it's just so uncomfortable) for my Grandpa Rigsby's 80th birthday party. It was fun and relaxing. We got to see a lot of family that we don't normally see on a regular basis. We also spent most of the afternoon and evening of Saturday with Jami, Brandon, and Madison. She (Madi) is now 6 weeks old and is just adorable!

I suppose that I all the ramblings I have right now. Hope all is going well in your lives. By the way, our next appointment is on May 8 and hopefully we will find out what the babies are!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 13 Appointment

So we went to the doctor today, and had a wonderful visit. Everything looked great. They are measuring well, and heartrates are A-153, B-154, and C-167. The thing is B & C are the identicals so the heartrate thing is not going to work right now. Our next appointment is not till May 8, and we hopefully will be able to find out the sex of the babies.

Here are the pictures of the babes from today.
Probably the last family picture that we are going to get before they come out!!!

Baby A profile.

Baby A profile #2.
Baby A flipped upside down!

We got a couple of 3D pictures of Baby A because the other two were not cooperating enough... so here is the first 3D of Baby A. It's left arm is crossing in front of it's face.

3D of Baby A, in the same position as the last picture.

3D of Baby A- the arm moved out of the way.

Baby B

Baby C with the hand in front of it's face.

Baby C- it looks like this one might be sucking it's thumb.

The measurements of the skin on the back of the neck were measuring great! They measure that for the chance of Down Syndrome. They said that the measurements of our babies was great and the chance of DS is very very minimal! That was very reasuring. Well, thatnks for the prayers. We appreciate them all. I'll update with another belly picture on Thursday. Ta ta for now!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Weekend's Trip to Gillette

So James and I left last Friday night (April 3) to go to Gillette for my Aunt Marie's 50th birthday bash. It was a surprise. We had to leave Friday night because of a bad snowstorm that was moving into the Denver area. Anyway, we got to visit lots of family and friends. Here is Marie at her party with my cousins Justin and Jeromy.

The other guests that were visiting Gillette this past weekend were David, Aria, and Levi. My parents were taking care of them while their parents (Elizabeth & Dan) went to Flordia for a long awaited vacation. We helped take care of D, A, & L for a couple of days till we came home on Monday. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Here are the three kiddos. left to right - Levi, Aria, & David
Uncle James and Levi watched Mickey Mouse Club on the computer for a while.
Then David decided to join them. They sat there content for a long time!
Aria was having a blast in the Jumperoo. She loves to be vocal and scream and yell just for the fun of it!
Smiley girl.
Pregnant Auntie Jess did try to do too much with the kids. I thought I probably shouldn't have been picking them up, but I did. Here is Aria just playing while I was resting.
One of the pack and plays was up in the living room and David was put into it, that way he couldn't crawl away!! (Just kidding. He loved playing there!)
We also took Jet with us to Gillette. It was interesting introducing the kids to him again. David did not like Jet at all. The first morning he was crawling around and Jet came into the living room and David actually crawled sideways!!! It was so funny. Jet didn't even notice him.

Aria and Levi loved Jet, but I think Aria liked him the most. She rolled and rolled and moved until she could get to him. Levi scooted across the floor to get to Jet. They had fun. Jet really didn't mind either.

Here is one of the first pictures of Aria around Jet. She laughed and laughed.

She then crawled all over him and he just laid there. She would pull on his fur and ears and he didn't flinch. I guess we trained him well! She even laid down on him some. She just loved him.

We finally got Jet distracted enough to put Aria on his back so she could "ride" him!! She had fun. The second time, Jet didn't want to have anything to do with it, so he ran in circles so we couldn't keep her on his back. They had fun!

All in all we had a great time, even if it wasn't the most relaxing time! It was good to just get out of Denver too. I don't know how much more we will be able to travel up there cause the car ride is not the most comfortable. We'll figure it out though. I'll be posting again Monday evening after our appointment which is at 3:00 pm. We'll have more pictures of our kiddos.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I would say I am getting FAT... but it's just babies growing!!

So here is my 12 week belly pic. These are hard to take on your own!! :-) I set the camera on my desk and set it to a 10 second timer then run and try to get a good picture. I usually end up taking about 10 shots. (I only took 8 today!) I hate having myself in pictures, but I suppose I should document this time!!

All is going well here though. We are looking forward to another appoinment and ultrasound on Monday. This is the appoinment when we get the babes tested for diseases such as Downs Syndrome and others. Please pray that all goes well and the babies are all growing healthy.

I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 2 pounds from the last time I was on the scale, which was last week some time. I decided today that I need to start eating more, even though right now I feel like I am eating like a horse! So I went and got a salad and smoothie for lunch and an extra salad for tomorrow. (I will at least be getting my veggies, cause these salads are HUGE!)

I am getting most of my FOYB time in. I did really bad this past weekend when we went to Gillette. There was too much to do and see because my sister's triplets were there and my sister and bro-in-law were not (they are in Florida!). I did get away without changing a diaper, but James did not. He got to change his very first diaper, and it was a poopy diaper! I couldn't stand the smell of them, they made me gag, that is why I got away without changing one. Thankfully my brother Doug and his girlfriend Kara were there too, so James only had to change ONE!

I hopefully will have some pictures to post in a post later today or tomorrow. I am supposed to be getting them from my dad. I forgot to get my camera out! Well, I suppose, I am done with my lunch break and need to get back to work. I hope you all are doing well and your prayers for us and our babies are much appreciated!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

11 Week Belly Pic

I have been getting comments from a few people asking when I am going to put up a belly pic. I caved in and did one today.

Now, you must understand, although I do look quite a few months along right now, most of that is pre-pregnancy "padding" that is just getting pushed up and out! :-) So, here it is, 11 weeks and 3 days...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Laying Down on the Job!

Doctor's orders: "You must lay down to get the weight off of your cervix, three times a day for an hour at a time! Is that going to be possible while you are at work?"

"Sure!" I say, not knowing how difficult it really would be!

Six days later (aka yesterday, Tuesday, March 31) I get my first chance to try the 3 times a day while at work. It didn't work as well as I would have liked. James and I figured that if I laid down at 10:00, 2:00 and 6:00 I would be fine. HA! Yeah right.

I came in to work yesterday intent on making my three times of FOYB (Flat on your back as we call it at camp). I only got one. I was working so hard at getting my newsletter put together and sent out that I completely spaced my morning FOYB. I went to lunch then I forced myself to lay down at 1:00.

I accidentally fell asleep for probably 15 minutes! I suppose that is ok, but I was still working. Anyway, I had a meeting for camp in Colorado Springs that evening, so I also missed my evening FOYB!

Once I returned home, at a late late 9:00, I was tired and told James that I had only 1 FOYB time. He scolded me and said "Do you want to end up on bed rest?" Of course not, but it is just annoying to get the time flat. He made me lay down on the couch once I got home. Well, that lasted a whole 45 minutes before I had to go up to bed. I got good sleep though.

So, I managed to get my first hour of FOYB this morning at work. Hopefully I can get my second around 2:00. We'll see. My boss seems pretty intent on making me take that time so I think I will get it.