Sunday, May 24, 2009

Introducing the Fischer Boys!!!

Yes, you read that right. The triplets are all boys!!!

James' mom Peggy got to go to the ultrasound with me on Friday and see all the babes. They looked really good and so did their fluids, they are concerned about TTTS in the inditicals (TTTS is twin-to-twin transfusion syndrom.) So far all looks good there.

So, we have decided to introduce you to them with their names. There is one catch though. We don't know who is who yet until they come out. We will be naming them in the order they come out.

The first baby boy will be Grant William. The second will be Alexander Timothy. And the third baby boy will be Ethan Mark. Most likely they will be coming out with the identicals first then the singleton, but we don't know for sure yet.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Halfway Point

So, I know we are not technically to 18 weeks yet (and that is half of 36) but I don't figure I will get that far! I hope I do, but being realistic, I don't think I will.

Therefore, I am at 17 weeks and 3 days today. (Double that and its 34w6d, or basically 35w.)

I am not feeling well this week. My head is stuffy, and I have been having some horrible ligament pain (round ligament pain if you want to google it). The babies are growing fast, therefore I am growing too!! You may be able to see it in this weeks picture, but I don't. I got a comment from a friend last night that I am looking very pointy! I guess you just have to see me in person to understand that.
From the ultrasound last week, the babes were all crammed together fairly low. They are all still residing lower than my bellybutton, which in this picture is at about the white line (on my shirt) mid belly. I guess I just have to get used to them all being crammed together, because that is what they will be for the rest of the time!
James got to "feel" the babies last night. I laid on my back and he felt around my belly and could feel 2 of the little bodies. We can't see them kick or move yet, but I can feel them. I don't know if James can yet. We have tried, but they get shy when daddy wants to feel!
I think James finally... FINALLY... let the cat out of the bag at his office. He had only told his boss and 2 people and told them to keep quiet about it. Yesterday, he told one of the two that they could start telling people. So, we'll see how excited people are here in a couple of days once word gets around!
We had a wonderful weekend for Mother's Day weekend. We took a short trip to Fort Collins and stayed at the Ft.Collins Marriott. It was really nice. We spent 3 hours Saturday night in the pool and then another hour on Sunday morning. It felt so good to get the weight off of me. I floated and just sat around in the pool the whole time. No strenuous swimming for me. When I would go to get out, I would feel about 500 lbs. I loved it and am going to get permission from my dr/nurse to be able to swim a lot more this summer.
We also had a wonderful evening Saturday night at the hotel. We had tried going out to dinner, but the places we went to were dives and we didn't stay. James suggested that we just go back to the hotel and eat at their restaurant. It was actually the best food we could have had. Plus, it was not noisy and crowded. It was really, really nice!
Sunday morning we had room service delivered early. Because if I don't eat within 30 minutes of waking up, I feel really nauseous. Then at 11:30 we checked out and had brunch (basically lunch) there at the hotel. They were doing a special Mother's Day brunch. It was nice, but not a whole lot of selection.
So, enough of my ramblings. I'll update you next week when/if we find out what the singleton is!! So long for now.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We are having....................

So, the pictures we got from the ultrasound today are extremely aweful. You can't tell what anything is. No profile pictures or anything like that. So, no pictures.

I guess I need to get to the good part though!!!!!!!!

We are having......

Well, we only know what the twins are. The singleton was NOT cooperating with us. They tried everything to get he/she to move, but their legs were tucked up under it's bum, so we couldn't see!

So, we know that the twins are.....

Are you ready?


Ok, then you must scroll down just a little bit more to find out....


Am I torturing you yet???

Ok, I will quit.

The twins are....


Yep!! Not what I thought, but we are still extremely excited! As we were watching the ultrasound I could tell almost immediately that they were boys. James still hasn't gotten the ultrasound reading down yet, but he'll get there. I didn't get a confirmation until we asked the tech and she said boys. James asked her how sure she was, and she said 99.9% sure.

So, we have to wait at least 2 more weeks to find out what the singleton is!!! Hopefully she/he cooperates this time. Fingers crossed that she/he does!!!

Well, that is all for now. James and I are going on a short weekend getaway and leaving the computers behind!!! How will we ever survive?!?! It will be nice to just disconnect and get away.

Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Friday is our BIG ultrasound!!! We get to see the babies again, of course, but we also get to find out what gender they are. What do you think they are???? I think they are 2 girls and a boy, but we'll just have to wait to see.

So, I finally broke down the other day and bought some real maternity clothes. I had just been using the belly bands to hold up pants and I had gotten some oversized clothes at Lane Bryant. Well, James and I went on a small shopping spree on Friday night (or was it Saturday... I dont remember exactly.) I found a Motherhood Maternity store that actually sells plus sized clothes in the store!!! (YIPPPEEEEE... I know who will be getting my business from now on.)

We had to go all the way over to Arvada (I think is where it is) to the Colorado Mills mall, which is an outlet mall. But, I got a pair of jeans, a swim suit (since I think I will probably spend as much time in the pool as possible) another belly band, and I think that was it right now. (The pants were on sale for $15, can't beat that!! The swim suit was only $30 too!!) I was so excited!

We also went to Lane Bryant where I found this really really really cute dress that I will be able to wear for a good length of my pregnancy. It is long and sleeveless, and has lots of room for me to grow! I am wearing it today and I broke down and took another belly pic in it. (I have a sweater on in the picture so you can't see the whole dress.) I know it isn't form fitting, but you can get the idea of how much I am growing. Take a look!

I am getting big, but since I am only 16 weeks right now, I know I will get much MUCH bigger!!

Oh, I should tell you about my adventure on Friday. I decided about 12:30 that I wanted Taco John's for lunch. The nearest TJ's to our house is about 15 minutes away, so I went and got myself two tacos and a small super potato ole! MMMMMM it was sooooooo good. I started driving home and remembered that I needed to stop by the bank, which I had just passed, so I circled around and went to the bank.

As I sat in the bank drive up, I get a call from my doctors office telling me that I am missing my 1:00 ultrasound. We had rescheduled the ultrasound from that day to May 8, so I told them so. They are the ones that forgot to delate it from their system. But they had forgotten to schedule me for an office visit on May 8, which they still had scheduled for that day, so they asked if I could get there by 2:00. Sure, I had nothing else to do! So I went to the doctors office.

I was very flustered by the time I got there. I had basicly made 2 huge circles in the car, and just ate a sodium filled lunch. They called me back and had me stand on the scale. I looked at the number and was frustrated because I didn't think it was high enough. (Last appoinment I was short 2 pounds.) But then they looked at my chart and I was right on track! PHEW... but not good for my blood pressure!

They took my BP, and it was 140/90! I about fell over. I told them "I just ate at Taco John's. Take it again before I leave and I promise you it will be going down." So, they did, and it went down to 130/82, still high, but decreasing! They weren't worried. They just said next time don't do that!

The appoinment went well, and I got to see the babies and hear all their heartbeats on their small ultrasound machine there in the office. It is not a high quality machine, but it did it's job. They looked really good. The nurse reassured me that at our next appointment, since we want to know gender, the ultrasound techs are really determined and will spend some amount of time finding out what they are!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooo excited!!

Well, I suppose I should stop blabbing on and on and let you get back to whatever you may have been doing. I will post pictures and results as soon as I can Friday evening, so check then for more. Our appointment isn't until 3:00 pm, so don't panic (those of you I normally call or text) if I don't get to you until about 5:30 or 6:00. (This is also the ultrasound where they will do a full systems check on each baby, so it will take a while.)

Like I said, I will let you go. Remember to leave what you think the babies are in the comments section!! I can't wait to see your responses!