Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Images of the future???

James and I went to visit friends this weekend. The Winegar's have both been my friends for a very long time, and they both have been great "married" friends for James and I since before we got married!

Anyway, they have two little ones, Ryan (2 years) and Brooke (2 months) that we love to be around. It was our first chance to meet Brooke and I took some pictures of James holding her, and James sitting next to Ryan watching TV and eating cookies! (doesn't he get the easy job?) Is this a vision for the future for us?? One can only hope!
On our way to the Winegar's house we were just about to go over the "pass" on I-80 and we spotted a rainbow. I held the camera out the window of the car to get a good picture, but by the time I had my camera out and on, and ready, the rainbow had faded quite a bit. See if you can find the rainbow in these two pictures. If you need to, click on them and you will get a larger version of the picture.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Middle of Nowhere...

James and I went out to the east side of DIA the other evening and I found it a great opportunity to shoot a couple of photographs. Let me know what you think of them. These are my favorite!

Fire in the Skies

God's Whisper
It Could Go On Forever!Colorado's PrairieThe Airport at Dusk
(the white light is an airplane about to take off)He Loves to Run!!Wild
These next couple of pictures are taken at my most favorite place on Earth- Camp Wyoba! I was up there in August and it was so green and lush. I love it up there and I can't wait to get back.
Miner Memories
He's Not Scared! FIRE
Many Colors of Green

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dad's pictures of the Triplets

My parents were back in Iowa visiting Elizabeth, Dan, David, Aria, and Levi, and Dad sent me a couple of pictures he took of the three. Here they are... see if you can pic out who is who!! :) Answers at the bottom....





Answers- Left to Right

A- David, Aria, Levi
B- David, Aria, Levi
C- Levi, David, Aria
D- David, Aria, Levi

Family pictures... by Tina Dickey

My aunt Tina took our family pictures in Gillette about a month ago. I got permission from her to post her pictures and here are quite a few of them. I would have posted the big "family" picture (all the Rigsby's) but decided not to, because it will be Mom and Dad's Christmas card. I'll let you be surprised with it! So, here are most of the pictures (the ones I liked at least!).

Nebelsick FamilyNebelsick Family
Dan and James with the Nebelsick triplets
(that weekend was James' first time really dealing with babies, and can you believe that he got away from changing a diaper the whole weekend?!?)
Dad, Mom, Jessica, & James
Elizabeth, Dad, Mom, Jessica, Doug
Fischer's My FAVORITE picture!!
Mom and Dad
Awww... how cute!

Dad and Mom and the Nebelsick Triplets
(L-R: David, Levi, Aria)
Grandparents with the grandbabies!!
James and Jessica
I don't like this of me as much as the one above... but here it is anyway!
Me and my hubby

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Robes or No Robes... What do you think?

When you walk into a church, do you pay attention to what the pastor and/or choir is wearing? Do you care if they are wearing robes or not? Is it important for you to have a church that has leaders wearing robes, or is that too much "pomp" for you?

We are having this debate in my church right now, and it is part of this "dreadful change" that is inevitable in every church... or is it?

Please let me know what your thoughts on robes in a church are. I want to hear from as many people as possible (especially on choirs wearing robes.)

I won't tell you my opinion yet... I want to hear what you have to say about it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(4th posts today) Update on my weekend!!

So, I went to Gillette on Thursday night. I had to go pick up Jet from my aunt and uncle's house. He stayed there over Labor day while James and I were in ND. I was also recruited by Marie to work (aka score) the high school volleyball tournament that was held there all weekend.

It was interesting. I must say that volleyball confuses me! When I learned how to play you had 6 people on the court and you rotated depending on side-outs and servers. If you wanted to, you could sub players in. Nowadays they have something that is called a "libero." I dont even know if I can explain what they do, other than run in and out like a sub, except you don't count it like a sub, and they can only go in for one person, and if they serve, they can only serve in that spot. It is extremely confusing! As a scorer you have to mark down everything they do and every time they go in and who they go in for, along with doing the regular subs and keeping track of side-outs and score!

I did that for 2 days!! Friday I got there at 8:00 am and didn't leave till 7:30 am. I had scored 12 games. 6 JV games (which are 2 matches a piece) and 6 Varsity games (best out of 3 matches- or games... i am never sure on which is which). Then on Saturday I got there at 8:30 am and left at 3. I had to drive back here to Denver that night. That was a LONG day. But Jet is back home and we are all good.

It was good to see my parents, Marie, and I got to see my friend Jami who is pregnant. (brandonandjamicone.blogspot.com). It was a quick trip, and I wish I could have gotten to see more people, but I had to be home for church on Sunday. I had to lead the praise songs and read scripture.

On Sunday we helped our friends move into their new house, behind our house. It was fun, and really not that hard. I usually hate moving myself, but I don't mind helping others move. I guess it is that I don't have to worry about putting stuff away!

Ok, so this is long enough... I'll let you read my other posts for today, so scroll down to find them! :o) I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Thought From Across the Pond

An email from Ireland to their brethren in the States...a point to ponder despite your political affiliation:

'We, in Ireland, can't figure out why people are even bothering to hold an election in the United States .

On one side, you have a pants wearing lawyer, married to a lawyer who cant keep his pants on, who just lost a long and heated primary against a lawyer who goes to the wrong church who is married to yet another lawyer who doesn't even like the country her husband wants to run.

Now...On the other side, you have a nice old war hero whose name starts with the appropriate Mc terminology married to a good looking younger woman who owns a beer distributorship.

What in Lords name are you lads thinking over there in the colonies??

Why I am a Republican... Discuss politics...

So, I had a little bit of time on my hands the other day, and I was thinking as to why I am what I am when I identify myself in politics. So, I thought I would write down everything that I believe in with politics. (For some reason I am really into politics this election season!)

Please, let me know if you agree with me or disagree with me, or if you have anything to add. I would love to have a big long discussion on here about politics.

Here is what I believe...

I believe... that individuals, and not government, are the United States of America. Those individuals should have a voice in matters of government and that every person—every sex, race, disability, or creed—has the unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

I believe... in government, but not big government. The government should let people be and do and not try to regulate every aspect of life. I don’t like the fact that sometimes even republicans can go overboard in regulating. I believe that if there are regulations they should be able to be agreed upon by everyone.

I believe... that the US government should encourage the people of this nation to prosper and work toward a better life (if they so choose). The government should help people if they are in a time of need, but help them only to get their feet under them, so they can stand on their own. Every person has that ability, and if they do not know how, the government should direct them to help and education that is out of the government’s hands.

I believe... that with the prosperity that the government encourages of its people the economy can grow. Let me explain my reasoning in some steps.

  1. People start businesses
  2. Government encourages prosperity.
  3. Businesses create profit---- businesses spend more money (see step #6)
  4. Profit creates more jobs
  5. Jobs give more people more money
  6. Money is spent on goods
  7. Goods have taxes placed on them
  8. Taxes go to government
  9. Government can spend the money to improve all aspects of that which they have control.

I believe... that people must have individual rights. (This is where I differ from some in the Republican party, but bear with me) Here are a couple of basic rights that I strongly believe in.

  • Right to Free speech-- George J. Esseff, Sr said it better than I can. “The right of free speech and dissent is shared equally by those offended… as well as those who offend” http://www.whatiam.net/
  • Right to choose government—I believe that every legal citizen should have the right to vote on who represents them in government.
  • Right to choose your own Religion or lack of (whatever it may be)— I believe in God, but I believe that every person may have their choice of religion or lack of religion if they want. I also believe that government cannot tell you what religion you have to be. I do believe that the United States was founded on Christian principles and a few of those principles are visible in government affairs. This, to me, is part of tradition. “In God We Trust” is a part of tradition. So is “under God.” I don’t believe that these phrases are an endorsement or forcing of the government for people to become God believing people. It is a tradition of the US and should be continued as such.
  • Right to protection—I believe that every person in America should be protect from theft. That includes theft of property and of life. This means that the government should provide protection for individuals and the country as a whole. I respect and support our “protectors” (i.e. troops, police, firefighters, civil patrol, etc.) even if I don’t believe in the actions of some in the government that direct our “protectors.” I feel honored that they are giving their lives to protect mine.
  • Right to justice—I believe that every person (of any race, creed, sex, etc) should be able to be judged by a jury of their peers (meaning any other person no matter race, sex, creed, etc). I believe that if a person has broken the law, ANY LAW, they should have some consequence, and that consequence should be dealt with all fairness and respect for all parties involved. If any person believes that a law is wrong, they should go through the correct channels of the government to correct that law, not just break it. I don’t believe in the death penalty ("If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone.”-John 8:7), except for in extremely atrocious cases. What those extremely atrocious cases are, I cannot tell you because I believe that each person must be judged individually.

I believe... that every person and the government should strive to do what is right, not just what is convenient.

I believe... that everyone in this world should take care of the environment, but that global warming is a hoax. It is not a proven fact, it is just a theory. I do believe in recycling and re-using. I also believe that if regulations are going to be put on one nation’s industries and people, that all nations of the world must also have those regulations, otherwise no change will happen. Plus, how do humans know that humans are causing warming? Where is the proof that a warmer (or colder) temperature is not the “ideal” temperature for earth? How can humans say that life will cease to exist if the world gets any warmer? We do not know the answers to any of these questions, only God does, and God asks us to be good stewards of the earth, and to take care of it and the animals.

I believe... that the USA should be energy independent, and in doing so we should utilize all resources that are available to us to use. That includes wind, solar, water, renewable resources (i.e. corn, wood, etc), coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, and future resources that have yet to be created. I believe that we should drill for oil responsibly, store nuclear waste responsibly, and be responsible for our citizens by using our resources, and not sending our “resources” or money overseas to countries and people who do not care for the US and want to hurt us.

I believe... that health care should not be paid for by the government, but should be affordable to all people. I believe that any and every insurance company should be available to any person in any state of the USA. That would make insurance premiums more competitive and affordable. If health care was to be paid for by the government, every person would be paying more taxes and would not be ensured the best care that they could find.

I believe... that a healthy, calm, discussion about politics is always fun. Please don't be mean, because I won't post comments that are mean or disrespectful!!!

New template

So, I was checking email and playing on facebook in bed last night while I was watching the Broncos kick some Raider booty. James finally came to bed and was looking over my shoulder. I checked my sister's blog (nebelsicktriplets.blogspot.com) and pointed out some of the pictures. The babies are growing up so fast and I want to go visit again. Well, clicked by on my blog, and James pipes up "what have you done to OUR blog?"

Our blog? Since when has he ever posted a blog on OUR blog?... um... NEVER. So, I told him that I did it a while ago. He said he wanted to change it. So, in the spirit of this blog being OUR blog, we changed it to this green template.

I just had to laugh. Yes, it is jamesandjessfischer.blogspot.com, but he has never as so much as wanted to post on here. So, I guess this is now JAMES AND JESS Fischer's blog!!! I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for James to post though. He is not a man of many words! :)