Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to college, hardwood floors, and finally!! A VACATION!!

I thought I would update you on the happenings for James and I the next couple of weeks. I know, I don't do that very often, and most of the posts are about the boys, but I like to keep a few things on here that are not children related (however, they inevitibly will relate to the boys!)!

So, James is going back to school to get his Masters degree. He is going to be doing his MSA with the University of Pheonix online. He is crazy, I know, but we agreed on him doing it. Once he does it, he can sit for the CPA and not have to work in a public accounting firm to get it. He is pretty excited about it. He is going to mostly work on studying and all that once the boys go to bed about 7:30pm. It will give him a few hours to work on the stuff he needs to do and then he can have the majority of the weekends with us, unless he has big stuff he has to do.

We went to Lumber Liquidators this past week and bought a new flooring for our living room. We are going to be putting hardwood (laminate) floor in our living room and tear out the GROSS carpet. We clean our carpet once a month right now and it never ever looks clean. Guess thats what we get with having 3 little tornados running around!

James and I are leaving late Friday night to go on vacation by ourselves. My aunt and mom are going to be taking care of the boys here, so we don't have to move them! We are going to be gone for a week. I am excited! We are going to spend 2.5 days in New York City. We are then spending the rest of the week in Washington DC seeing everything there. I have never been to DC and James has never been to NYC so we are both getting a new experience. I think the boys will be fine for Marie and mom, but we'll see. Hopefully they aren't little terrors!! They have a tendency to scream and cry at strangers.

Then, a couple of days after I get back the boys and I are going to Iowa to spend a week with Elizabeth and her 4 kids. I hope she has told Dan this! I am sure the boys will love playing with the "big kids" while they are there. It will be crowded, and busy, but tons of fun!

Not sure what else is going on. I will post pictures of our NYC/DC trip sometime. I hope you are all having a good day.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Couple of pics of the boys' new toys! :-)

Grant Ethan Alex Grant, Ethan, & Alex Grant, Ethan, & Alex Boy's Christmas present finally bought and set up. Grant, Alex, & Ethan in the new sand box. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Fischer Grant, Alex, & Ethan