Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July pictures update

Alex and James



Grant has a tooth (has had it for about a month) but only 1 tooth!! :)



Grant Alex and Ethan looking out on Denver City Park from the Museum of Nature and Science.

Grant, Lucas, Alex, Ethan at Grandma's house

Alex..... ptttttffffffff!!!!!!!

Alex and cousin Amy from California

Cousin Amy with Alex, Grant and Ethan


Grant and cousin Matthew from California

Mommy and her boys hanging in the yard

Cousin Matthew with Ethan, Alex, and Grant!! :)

Alex has decided he likes to stand unassisted from my hands right now. He doesn't pull up to this position yet, but he is trying. See the video of this below. It is pretty impressive.


Lucas!! He loves hanging out with his cousins that are about his age. My boys like watching him scoot around. Hopefully my boys will learn from him how to move around a bit more. (There is also a video of Lucas below)


Grant (my poser!!)




Alex trying a new texture...

Grant jumping like crazy. (He jumped like this for about an hour then just konked out asleep in the jumperoo.)

Playing with the camera

Alex standing up (sorry for the quality, this was taken with the cell phone)

Lucas scooting up and down the hallway.

Monday, July 12, 2010

James's Sarcasm

Usually I'm pretty good about just ignoring people's comments about the boys and briefly answering what seems like the dumbest questions I've ever heard. Lately I've been a little sarcastic with some people.

Sunday we spent the day out with the boys. We left the house about 9:30 and didn't get home until 5:30 that evening. Along the way we stopped at the Pearl Street Mall in Bolder. It's an outdoor mall where they've shut down the street so you can walk through. There are a lot of trees and places to sit and hang out. As usual there were several pan handlers doing various tricks and playing music. We had the boys in the stroller and we were sitting down eating our ice cream from Ben & Jerry's (delicious). About 5 feet from us was a magician doing tricks for a small group of people. Within a few minutes we were surrounded by 6 or so people gawking and asking questions. I looked at Jess and told her I should have brought my hat with a sign reading "college fund" for people to drop money into. Unfortunately we didn't have any takers with my comment. Maybe we'll try the hat sometime.

And again today. A little back story. The boys have a bank account with a debit card. To keep me from getting confused with all the cards in my wallet I have a picture of the boys on the card. I stopped by the bank today to deposit some money in their account. I didn't have the account number with me so I gave the teller the debit card and told him it was the account associated with that card. The proceeding conversation and the look on his face was priceless.

Teller: "How was your weekend?"
James: "Good, yours?"
Teller: "Did you have fun hanging out with your boys?" (While looking at the card)
James: "Oh no, those aren't my kids. I just found the picture online and thought it was cool."

The look on the teller's face was priceless. He didn't know what to do but to look at me with this look of utter disbelief on his face. I finally couldn't help myself and began to laugh to which he finally caught on to my joke.

I guess when you become a circus sideshow when in public you have to learn to laugh and make jokes otherwise the public attention will drive you crazy.

- James

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trip to ND and SD - part 2 just pictures (videos to come later)

Ethan and Great-Great Uncle Harv in Lisbon

Grant and Great-Great Uncle Harv in Lisbon

Alex, Ethan, Grandma Fischer, Daddy, and Great-Great Aunt Eleanor in Lisbon




Ethan and Kathy cuddling

Grant playing with his feet





Ethan and David

Ethan, Levi, and David

Grant and Aria

Grant and Levi

Alex and Grant napping and cuddling at the pool

Alex swimming

Ethan and Aunt Kara

Ethan swimming

Ethan, Alex and Grant having a bottle at the pool.

Fischer 5 swimming

Grant swimming

Waking up at Donna's house. We kind of took over the house.

All the kiddos watching a Baby Einstein dvd at the wedding reception. They couldn't hear the dvd over the dance music, but they still watched!!

Grant didn't want to sleep when Alex and Ethan were sleeping during the dance. So, he got to stay up and play!

Grant and Great Grandpa Dickey

Grant and Great Aunt Donna

The happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rigsby!! :)

At the reception. Ryan, Jessica, Alecia, and Kristi.

On our way home from SD we stopped at Mary and Mike's house in NE. They had a little min-pin dog named Boo. He was just as curious about the boys as they were about him.